Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters

Lance Preston played by Sean Rogerson and the crew of Grave Encounters shoot an episode inside an abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital. Grave Encounters is a ghost hunting team who investigate paranormal unexplained phenomena.

Similar to Ghost Adventures, the Grave Encounters team lock themselves inside the building in order to conduct their paranormal investigation. They hope to catch a glimpse of some kind of ghost phenomena. Getting more then what they expected, the building seems alive and they begin to sense that they will never leave alive.
They become lost in the haunted building and find themselves lost in the maze of endless hallways and corridors that seem like a labyrinth that will soon be their tomb. The ghosts of former patients terrorize the team of paranormal investigators.
The members are killed one by one after discovering the hospital’s dark past… and taping what is now their final episode.

Grave Encounters

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