We Are the Night - Trailer and Poster Art

We Are the Night - Trailer and Poster Art

We Are the Night is about 20 year old Lena who meets 250 year old Louise. Not only the owner of the club that Lena set out to rob but also the leader of a group of vampire vixens. Louise falls in love with Lena at first sight and transforms Lena into a vampire through the cursed bite. The girls have a good time in Berlin attracting the police commissioner to their blood lust.

we are the night

Wir sind die Nacht (2010)

Synopsis: In Berlin, a cop closes in on an all-female vampire trio who just took in a new member, Lena.
Cast: Alexander Yassin, Waléra Kanischtscheff, Jennifer Ulrich, Bernd Weikert, Anna Fischer, Thomas Klug, Max Riemelt, Ronny Schröder, Steffi Kühnert, Alexander Tarnavas, Jochen Nickel, Tomas Jester, Ivan Shvedoff, Nic Romm, Manuel Depta, Tom Jester, Christian Näthe, Tom Jahn, Manou Lubowski, Neil Belakhdar, Ruth Glöss, Karoline Herfurth, Cristina do Rego, Arved Birnbaum, Senta Dorothea Kirschner, Nina Hoss, Steve Thiede
Directors: Dennis Gansel
Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Year: 2010
Runtime: 99
Nominations: 5
Writers: Jan Berger, Dennis Gansel
Producers: Christian Becker, Oliver Nommsen, Bernhard Thür
Musicians: Heiko Maile
Editors: Ueli Christen

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