Lost Girl - Syfy Succubus Demon TV Show


Lost Girl - Syfy Succubus Demon TV Show

The Canadian succubus show ‘Lost Girl’ has been acquired by Syfy. After a successful season 1, Syfy picked Lost Girl up for season 2 while also attaining the rights to air season 1 and season 2 domestically.

The beautiful Bo has been raised by human parents and unknowing to her she has a secret. Bo "drains" her boyfriend to death by accident and figures out she is not the other girls. Soon Bo discovers that she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while secretly feeding on them. This demonic feeding has been done by the Fae for millennia. Bo must choose between the Light and the Dark Fae clans. Bo decides to choose none while helping humans on the way and learning more about her demonic powers as the show continues.
lost girl demon female succubus
The series stars Anna Silk (Ghost Whisperer), Kris Holden-Ried (who is rumored to part of the next Underworld film), Ksenia Solo (Black Swan), Zoie Palmer (Devil), Rick Howland (Midgets vs. Mascots), and K.C. Collins (Bulletproof Monk).

"Lost Girl" (2010)

Synopsis: Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans...
Cast: Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Ksenia Solo, K.C. Collins, Richard Howland, Anna Silk, Rick Howland
Directors: John Fawcett, Robert Lieberman, Paolo Barzman, Mairzee Almas, Lee Rose, Paul Fox, Andy Mikita, Ron Murphy, Steve DiMarco, Gail Harvey, David Greene, George Mihalka
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Year: 2010
Runtime: 44
Awards: 2
Nominations: 13
Writers: Michelle Lovretta, Steve Cochrane, Duana Taha, Emily Andras, Sandra Chwialkowska, Alexandra Zarowny, Jeremy Boxen, Michael Grassi, Ley Lukins, Peter Mohan, Grant Rosenberg, Shelley Scarrow, James Thorpe, Lauren Gosnell
Producers: Emily Andras, Paul Rapovski, Vanessa Piazza, Jay Firestone, Plato Fountidakis, Wanda Chaffey, Rachel Sutherland, Michael Grassi, Jeremy Boxen, Alexandra Zarowny, Michelle Lovretta, Grant Rosenberg, Caitlin Brown, Sandra Chwialkowska, Shelley Scarrow, Ley Lukins, Peter Mohan, Steve Cochrane, Alan McCullough, Lara Azzopardi, James Thorpe, Wendy Grean, Charles Heit, Trevor Fencott, Brad Markowitz
Musicians: Benjamin Pinkerton
Editors: Paul G. Day, Ben Wilkinson, Teresa Hannigan, Mike Lee, Dale Gagne

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