True Blood Season 5 - Sexy Camilla Luddington Joins

True Blood Season 5 - Sexy Camilla Luddington Joins

Camilla Luddington, better known for her part in Californication as Lizzie will be joining the set of HBO’s vampire drama “True Blood”. Season 5 of True Blood will focus on fairies and Camilla will play our new fairy sister. True Blood Season 5 is currently in production and premieres this summer on HBO.

Camilla Luddington will play Claudette who is in fact one of Claude’s many sisters. She will give Sookie some insight into what faerie life. With past stars bearing all on True Blood Season 5, I can’t wait to see what Camilla will be wearing.

Back in February it was confirmed that Jacob Hopkins (Priest) will be playing the final member on the highest vampire government body, the Vampire Authority. Hopkins will play "Alexander Drew", a vampire who was changed at the tender age of 9 years old. The character is said to taunt those around him. One more role on the Vampire Authority will be played by Carolyn Hennesy.

True Blood season 5 is currently in production and you will be able to sink your teeth into it this summer on HBO.

Camilla Luddington

Camilla Luddington True Blood

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