Dracula's War - New Project for Jonathan A. Moody


Draculas War - New Project for Jonathan A. Moody

Jonathan A. Moody has just released his upcoming film Scary Story Slumber Party coming this end of April but has announced his new project, Dracula’s War. Moody has written, will direct and produce Dracula’s War. Set to have bloody battles with vampires and vampire hunters who all happen to be named Van Helsing. Filming for Dracula’s War will begin this June 2012.

From the Press Release

Jonathan A. Moody, who has the upcoming horror anthology feature Scary Story Slumber Party being released at the Blood on the Beach convention April 20th-22nd, will be starting production for his newest feature film in late May. The film entitled Dracula’s War is about a struggle between vampires and hunters who are all descendants of the original characters in the Bram Stoker novel.

Derek Van Helsing (Ricky D’Alonzo) and his sister Isabelle Van Helsing (Jessica Dole) team up with Evan Harker (Brandon McPherson) and his sister Ashley Harker (Brittany Colley) to defeat Vladimir Dracula (Jonathan A. Moody), his sister Rosaline Dracula (Brittney Scalf), and his wife Natasha Dracula (Melantha Blackthorne). Character Actor Bob Bozek will be playing the new Renfield and actress Mary Shore is set to play a sweet prostitute Dracula has picked up for evil intentions.

The film is written, produced and directed by Jonathan A. Moody with visual F/X, music and camera work by Victor Michael Anthony Nash. As well as special F/X provided by Coven Delacruz. Dracula’s War will be shot in Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Richmond and the surrounding areas. More on it will be released as soon as production begins.

Draculas War

Dracula's War (2018)

Synopsis: For years there has been a battle waging against the hunters and the Vampires. And now the final epic war will end it all.
Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Chanel Ryan, Melantha Blackthorne, Billy Blair, Michael Merchant, Apryl Crowell, Justin Gardner, Jonathan Tiersten, John Johnson, Sherri Eakin, Sheri Davis, Roberto Lombardi, Tina Grimm, Amanda Marie, Ryan Adcock, Jeremy Sande, Karen Henning, Chase Dudley, Erika Frase, Ophelia Rain, Wyzae Crankfield, Nadia White, Kristina Ress, Faron Brown, Rob Kellum, Morgan Tyler, David S. Witt, Deborah Funes, Timothy Beal, Nilah Starr
Directors: Jonathan Moody
Genres: Horror, Action, Adventure
Writers: Jonathan Moody, Bram Stoker
Producers: Stephen Hendel, Jonathan Moody, Peter J. O'Loughlin, Richard Poppell, Andrew Roth, Linda Woods
Musicians: Victor M.A. Nash
Editors: Victor M.A. Nash

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