Horror Trailer Reviews - Take Your Kid to Work Edition

Horror Trailer Reviews - Take Your Kid to Work Edition

<p>Hell Horror has some guest posts from the little fans of horror. They reviewed the trailers for Chernobyl Diaries, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, ParaNorman, Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Snow White and the Huntsman. Xavier is 9 and likes most horror movies. Nathaniel is seven, likes to make people laugh and make friends. Nathaniel says he likes scary things because it puts man-hair on him and makes him brave. Thank you boys.</p>

Chernobyl Diaries

I think Chernobyl Diaries is good because it has blood, action and horror. It has some natural scenes that are really really boring me like the beginning because some things that they’re doing is like talking about technology and they’re not cutting to the horror there just joking around like some crazy people. At the end it was getting scary and scarier until I almost peed my pants.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I think Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is good because it has him practicing on killing vampires.


I think ParaNorman is funny and terrifying because there’s a kid who wants to be alone because he’s seeing ghosts and the funny part is when he was on the toilet and a ghost comes out.

Hotel Transylvania

The trailer for Hotel Transylvania was nice and I totally liked the graphics. Sony Pictures did well on that movie. So, it was funny when Dracula opened a secret passage and got smacked by skeleton fish. Well, I would rate this trailer five stars. The trailer was not and I repeat not boring. So, if you want to show your 3-10-year-olds a movie, pick Hotel Transylvania!


It was so awesome and I bet you will want to see it. The graphics weren’t that nice and I loved the black and white. That all I have to say about Frankenweenie.

Snow White and the Huntsman

It was cool and I loved how they planned it. I liked everything in it and I would rate it a 4. So, I hope that you will watch it and like it a lot. I hope this is going to help find a good movie and this was great. So, I would recommend this for you and me. So, see this movie and please say that you liked it. That’s all I have to say for this movie.

Thank you, boys and we look forward to watching these upcoming horror movies in 2012.