Bill Pullman in Beyond Apollo

Bill Pullman in Beyond Apollo

Apollo 18 may have been a let down but Bill Pullman is looking to make a better Apollo movie with Beyond Apollo. Michael Grodner’s upcoming horror movie is based on the Barry N. Malzberg novel. Bill Pullman (The Serpent and the Rainbow) is set to star along with Scott Speedman (Underworld) and Ali Carter (Resident Evil).


The first two-man mission to Venus is aborted in mid-flight and abruptly returns back to Earth.  When rescue crews go to retrieve the space capsule, they make a startling discovery: The Captain is missing – there is no sign of his body whatsoever – and strangely enough, the lone surviving astronaut has no clue about what took place.

Beyond Apollo tells the riveting story of when that astronaut, Harry Evans, returns to earth and must answer to the authorities about what really happened on board the doomed flight to Venus.  His mind-bending struggle to figure that out is a harrowing journey through the possibilities: Was the Captain murdered?  Did he commit suicide?  Or were alien beings responsible for his demise?  The answer, as Evans will eventually discover, is far more terrifying than anything he could possibly imagine.

Based on the award winning book by Barry N. Malzberg, Beyond Apollo captures the eerie isolation of delving into the unknown, begs us to ask the unanswerable, and marks the separation between the real, unreal and surreal.

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