Alien Fear - Arcade Shooter Upcoming Fall

Alien Fear - Arcade Shooter Upcoming Fall

Alien Fear looks awesome. Alien Fear is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and looks like they did a great jobs with graphics. Alien Fear is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation this upcoming Fall 2012. The environments are said to be explosive and the gameplay is non-stop action. Alien Fear will also have co-operative play will definitely make this a favorite among gamers who like to play together.

From the Press Release

Following up on a great E3, City Interactive released the first screenshots of its upcoming XBLA/PSN shooter Alien Fear. These screenshots showcase the beauty and power of the Unreal Engine 3-powered title and reveal some intriguing hints about the arcade action coming soon to Xboxes and PlayStations everywhere.

Alien Fear puts the player in the role of a highly trained elite commando on a mission of sabotage. Featuring non-stop, visceral run-and-gun action in an explosive environment with meaningful co-operative gameplay and using proven Unreal 3 technology, Alien Fear sets a new standard for digitally distributed XBLA and PSN titles.

Scheduled for release Fall 2012, Alien Fear delivers beautiful, arcade-style aggression against relentless alien hordes.

Alien Fear Screenshot 1

Alien Fear Screenshot 2

Alien Fear Screenshot 3