Gabriel Sabloff's The Curse - Poster and Photo


Gabriel Sabloffs The Curse - Poster and Photo

Gabriel Sabloff’s The Curse may come as a surprise to many horror fans but it shows promise. We have scored the first photo, movie poster and teaser trailer. There are those among us who wield evil power and are on the hunt for our souls. The Curse has cast Bill Oberst Jr. along with Ciddy Fonteboa, David Anthony Hernandez, DT Carney, Dontral Bacon, Pam Levin and Steel Chambers.


Living silently among us are the bearers of THE CURSE. Men and women doomed to walk the earth, hungering for HUMAN SOULS and endowed with powerful PSYCHIC abilities. MIDIAN, the strongest of the CURSED LAWMEN returns from exile to hunt down a dangerous supernatural fugitive.

Girl Photo from The Curse

New movie The Curse hot girl photo

The Curse Movie Poster

upcoming movie The Curse movie poster

Teaser Trailer

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