Ukranian Horror Synevir 3D - Poster and Trailer

Ukranian Horror Synevir 3D - Poster and Trailer

The Ukranians are entering the 3D horror movie realm with their werewolf film Synevir 3D. The werewolf certainly looks gruesome and nasty looking. The trailer is English subbed and the poster gives that Children of the Corn mixed with an ancient native American omen feel. Enter the Carpathian Mountains where many unexplained things have been happening for the last few hundreds of years. Take a look at the trailer and see the scary werewolf at the end.


The biggest lake in the Carpathian Mountains - Lake Synevir - is known for its rich history throughout hundreds of years as a place of mystical unexplained events. A group of students decide to spend a weekend at the lake. They do not believe in those stories about Lake Synevir and the strange creatures around it. Too bad for them.

Ukranian Horror Synevir 3D Werewolf Movie

Synevir (2013)

Synopsis: Famous lake in Carpathian mountains - lake Synevir is known for it's rich history throughout the hundreds...
Cast: Bogdan Yusipchuk, Valeriy Antonyuk, Grigoriy Bokovenko, Viktor Chernyakov, Yuriy Frigan, Philip Kozlov, Alyona Lavrenyuk, Zoryana Marchenko, Evgeniy Morozov, Georgiy Povolotskiy, Sergey Romanyuk, Ilya Rudakov, Mila Sivatskaya, Igor Slavinskiy, Konstantin Voytenko
Directors: Aleksandr Alyoshechkin, Vyacheslav Alyoshechkin
Genres: Horror
Year: 2013
Writers: Aleksandr Alyoshechkin
Producers: Tatyana Emelyanenko, Vladimir Horunzhy, Denis Kalyuzhniy, Igor Maron
Musicians: Vladimir Horunzhy, Vladimir Kripak
Editors: Valeriy Nabilskiy

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