Zombie Trilogy: The Epidemic - Poster and Plot

Zombie Trilogy: The Epidemic - Poster and Plot

Thanks to the success of The Walking Dead TV series, zombie movies, games and books are saturating the market. Zombie Trilogy The Epidemic is the first part of the proposed trilogy. The horror film will begin shooting in Toronto, Canada. The franchise is created by Nigel Hartwell.

Synopsis: After a meteor crashes into the Earth’s crust causing extreme devastation, an unexplained plague decimates a town’s population and yet… the dead are not dying. Unstoppable they stalk endlessly for the taste of flesh. The town’s few survivors seek refuge where they can make a stand to fend off the hungry zombies. However, their luck begins to run out as their comrades begin to turn before their very eyes. In a desperate attempt to end the nightmare, a shocking truth is revealed about this particular brand of zombies.

Zombie Trilogy The Epidemic Movie Poster

Visit their IndieGoGo page for more details and ways to help bring zombie trilogy to life.

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