The Devil's Carnival 2 - The Librarian 10 Min Teaser

The Devils Carnival 2 - The Librarian 10 Min Teaser

Darren Bousman‘s sequel, The Devil’s Carnival 2 – The Librarian 10 min teaser clip has been released and it is looking great. The scene is shot in the library and is filled with subtle, but captivating special effects. The librarian holds a mysterious power that is later shown at the end and he is reforming some demons. There are clear signs of “Earn your Wings” throughout the teaser. This librarian is not one to mess with and he shows his mean side. I liked the teaser, but I have to admit, I am yet to see the original The Devil’s Carnival.


The Devil

The Devil's Carnival (2012)

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

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Official Synopsis: Three individuals have, somehow, found their way to a carnival, set in hell, and run by the devil. The trio is made up of a kleptomaniac, an obsessed father, and a gullible teenager, all of whom are doomed to repeat the very sins that delivered them to the carnival's doorsteps.
Cast: Bill Moseley, J. LaRose, Marc Senter, Alexa PenaVega, Beach Eastwood, Benjamin Michael Marsh, Jessica Lowndes, Shawn Crahan, Sean Patrick Flanery,…
Genres: Horror, Musical