Anchor Bay's Shadow People Blu-ray Appearing March 2013


Anchor Bays Shadow People Blu-ray Appearing March 2013

Anchor Bay will be releasing Shadow People Blu-ray this upcoming March 15, 2013. I for one am looking forward to this release as the trailer really impressed me. Shadow People stars Dallas Roberts (The Walking Dead, The Grey, Rubicon), Alison Eastwood (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Tightrope), Anne Dudek (Mad Men, White Chicks, 10 Items or Less), and Mattie Liptak (Quarantine 2, The Candy Shop).

From the Press Release:

They are known by many names in many cultures. In Persia they are called “Bakhtak.” In Japan, they are the “Kanashibari.” In Mexico they’re called the “Subirse el Muerto” and the “Suk Ninmyo” in New Guinea. In America, they are known as “Shadow People.” They are very real, yet no one who has seen them have lived to describe them. Are you willing to believe? Victims report waking from sleep to find themselves paralyzed, a noise buzzing in their head, while a shadowy figure stands watches them, or sometimes even climbs onto their bed. The sightings are widespread around the globe for centuries, but many are afraid to talk about their encounters. According to experts, these appearances may be tied to a medical mystery of unexplained nocturnal deaths.

Anchor Bay Films presents the March 19th Blu-ray and DVD release of the supernatural thriller, Shadow People. Starring Dallas Roberts (“The Walking Dead,” The Grey, “Rubicon”), Alison Eastwood (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Tightrope), Anne Dudek (“Mad Men,” White Chicks, 10 Items or Less), and Mattie Liptak (Quarantine 2, The Candy Shop), Shadow People promises an unforgettable glimpse into a netherworld perhaps too perilously close to ours!

Shadow People is based on a true story about small town radio personality Charlie Crowe (Roberts) who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with mysterious beings. These “Shadow People” were the cause of hundreds of unexplained deaths. He encounters CDC Epidemic Intelligence Agent Sophie Lancombe (Eastwood), whose investigations entwine her with Charlie’s own discoveries leading them both into a dark world and a decades old cover-up.

The film explores the actual historical evidence of SUNDS and the real phenomenon of an inverse placebo effect, where the mind can actually kill the body through false belief. The film is backed up by real archival footage of a suspected outbreak of SUNDS, which occurred in rural Kentucky, and takes the found footage genre to a new level by intercutting the story with the actual interviews of the real-life participants, local news footage and radio clips from the event.

The Door (2013)

Synopsis: A radio talk show host unravels a conspiracy about encounters with mysterious beings known as The Shadow People and their role in the unexplained deaths of several hundred victims in the 1980s.
Cast: Billy Slaughter, Edward J. Clare, Ritchie Montgomery, Gary Grubbs, Han Soto, Christopher Berry, Marco St. John, Kasey Emas, Beau Brasseaux, Raeden Greer, Mattie Liptak, Monica Acosta, Mike Vaughn, John T. Wilson Jr., Michael Patrick Rogers, Angelena Swords, Bryan Massey, Damon Lipari, Rob Baker, Glen Warner, Som Bath, Jeffry Tamara, Sous Cheun, Jeff Gerard, Chham, Zac Cino, Jaqueline Fleming, Iman Crosson, Earl Maddox, Jean-François Gérard
Directors: Matthew Arnold
Genres: Horror, Thriller
AKA(s): Shadow People
Year: 2013
Runtime: 89
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writers: Matthew Arnold, Travis Rooks
Producers: Rob Baker, Jamie Donaldson, James Gibb, Joyce Giraud, Andrew Mann, Travis Mann, Mark Moran, Michael Ohoven, Paul Pender, John Portnoy, Nick Thurlow, Todd Williams
Musicians: Corey Wallace
Editors: Martin Hunter, Todd Killingsworth, Herbert James Winterstern

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