Rustam Branaman The Culling Sales Art


Rustam Branaman The Culling Sales Art

The Culling is story of college friends who encounter dark forces at a remote farmhouse. Written and directed by Rustam Branaman. Silver Lining Media Group financed the film in conjunction with Gold Star Films and Dro Entertainment.

The Culling centers on a group of five college friends who head out of town for a fun-filled long weekend but their plans change after finding a 7-year-old girl alone at an empty cafe along the highway and have no choice but to drive her home. When they arrive at her house it’s quickly apparent they will have to stay for the night — but what’s not apparent is the evil nightmare they are about to encounter.” Harley Graham plays the 7-year-old and her parents are portrayed by Johnathon Schaech and Virginia Williams.

The Culling Sales Art

The Culling (2015)

Synopsis: A terrifying supernatural thriller in which a group of college friends on a road trip find themselves fighting off dark forces at a remote farmhouse after a chance encounter with a strange little girl.
Cast: Johnathon Schaech, Jeremy Sumpter, Chris Coy, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Met Salih, Alice Ford, Harley Graham, Chelsea Bruland, Zaria Griffin, Brett Davern, Linsey Godfrey, Virginia Williams, Jenn K. Bowman, Jennifer Bowman, Sydney Dwyer
Directors: Rustam Branaman
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2015
Runtime: 81
Writers: Rustam Branaman
Producers: Colin Bates, Craig Chapman, Sevier Crespo, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Jerry Fruchtman, Peter Fruchtman, Hubert Gibbs, James Otis, Scott Robinson, Gary Safady, Joey Tufaro
Musicians: Andrew Morgan Smith
Editors: Todd C. Ramsay

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