Dying Light - Upcoming Zombie Survival Game

Dying Light - Upcoming Zombie Survival Game

Warner Bros. Interactive has been working on what looks like a great upcoming zombie survival horror game Dying Light. They released a CG trailer that looks great with a great catchy track playing in the background to match. The trailer tells a great deal of what to expect in game play. Many people will play but only a few will make it to daylight, but even then, other horrors await the player. Fantastic horror game trailer you have to see.

During the day, players will scavenge the game world for supplies and craft weapons but when night falls; you must fight the ever growing infected world. The infected are the most aggressive and dangerous at night. Beware the predators that muster after sundown. I am officially excited about this zombie game, Dying Light.

YouTube Video:

Zombie Horror Game Dying Light Game Poster

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