Great New Stage 5 Vampire Themed So Dark - Videos and Synopsis

Great New Stage 5 Vampire Themed So Dark - Videos and Synopsis

Stage 5 of TV’s “The Continuum” anthology has just released Part 2 “So Dark”. This vampire short video continues the previously released “So Pretty” video that was released earlier in October. Both are available to watch instantly below; I suggest you check them out. The series focuses on what vampires in modern society would be like.

So Pretty - 1st Video


So Dark - 2nd Video



So Pretty: Vampires in the modern world; what would it really be like? Would it be more like Twilight or more like Dracula? Take a trip on the night train to find out why the cursed don’t sparkle.

So Dark: Following his actions in So Pretty, Sean, a 200-year-old vampire with a conscience, has now been arrested for murdering a pedophile on a late-night Miami train. Unaware that they have a vampire in their custody, Miami Police hand the investigation over to F.B.I. agent Wilburn, who is the head of a clandestine task force that hunts, tortures, and kills vampires. As sunrise approaches, Sean must find a way to escape or risk becoming one of her experiments.

Written by James Williams, produced by Al Lougher and Keri Maletto, and directed by Al Lougher.

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Stage 5 - So Dark - Vampire Short