Danny Trejo's A Voodoo Possession

Danny Trejos A Voodoo Possession

Danny Trejo is killing it lately and has just landed his most recent horror film, A Voodoo Possession. Walter Boholst directs while the film is scheduled to make the rounds next month at the American Film Market. Danny Trejo heading into a Haitian insane asylum packed full of hordes of possessed inmates hungry for sacrificed blood sounds like just what I needed.

Synopsis: When a man must search for his missing brother in a Haitian insane asylum he discovers that all of the patients are possessed by an evil voodoo spirit hungry for sacrifices of blood.

Voodoo Possession (2014)

Synopsis: Imagine an insatiable demon that feeds on blood, thrives on pain, and reaches from beyond the grave to torment the living...
Cast: Danny Trejo, Michael York, Tomas Boykin, Treva Etienne, Darius Devontaye Green, David Thomas Jenkins, Kerry Knuppe, Nancy La Scala, Davante Bell, Vernell Lee, Mishala Marche-Green, Ryan Caltagirone, Emily Moody, Allena Cayce, Omar Mosley, Dominic Conti, Ja'Nika Phipps, Teresa Ramirez, Duke Gator, Shannon Schotter, Lilyana Gomez, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Abe Spigner, Holly Haupert, Marie-Françoise Theodore, Diane Henderson, Gabe Eggerling, Catherine Haena Kim, Krystal Williams, Wanoka Lorraine Woods
Directors: Walter Boholst
Genres: Horror, Drama, Mystery
Year: 2014
Runtime: 94
Writers: Walter Boholst
Producers: Walter Boholst, Barney Burman, Mark Burman, David Hillary, Mark Linthicum, Tina Pavlides, Greta Ruljevaite, Douglas Wroan
Musicians: Pez Wilson
Editors: Mike Cooley

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