The Scribbler - Official Movie Poster

The Scribbler - Official Movie Poster

The Scribbler now has an official poster attached to it courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. The adaption of the popular graphic novel has a great lineup of stars including Katie Cassidy (Arrow), Eliza Dushku, Gina Gershon, Michael Imperioli, Billy Campbell, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Sasha Grey to take roles of the different personalities. Cassidy will play a young woman who uses “The Siamese Burn” which is an experimental machine to cure her mental illness of multiple personalities.

NAA founder Gabe Cowan stated:

The Scribbler respects its graphic novel roots and became this insane, intense action movie with tons of cool new sci-fi elements. It’s a mixture of ridiculously talented actresses kicking the crap out of each other while also commenting on individuality vs. conformity.

The Scribbler - Official Movie Poster


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