Dark House - Blu-ray Release Details

Dark House - Blu-ray Release Details

From the director of Jeepers Creepers (Victor Salva) and the star of Saw (Tobin Bell) comes Dark House, previously known as Haunted and not to be confused with the Darin Scott film. Dark House hits stores March 11, 2014 and also stars Leslie-Anne Down, Luke Kleintank, Anthony Rey Perez, Alex McKenna, Zack Ward and Max Gail.

Synopsis: When Nick Di Santo learns that his father is not only alive but can possibly reveal the origin of his son’s dark gift, he sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion he thought only existed in his childhood imagination.

Special Features
- Behind-the-Scenes featurette

Dark House (2014)

Directed by Victor Salva

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Official Synopsis: Nick Di Santo has the gift to see how any person that he touches will dies. He visits his mother Lilian that is in an asylum since when he was eight years old and learns that his father is alive. Nick lives with his best friend Ryan and one day he meets Eve in a bar and he finds that he can touch her without any vision. Eve moves to Nick's apartment and soon she is pregnant. Out of the blue, Nick inherits an old house and he shows to Ryan and Eve that he used to draw that house since he was a child. They travel to the countryside but they do not find the manor. They decide to return home and they meet Chris McCulluch, Lilith and Sam that are measuring the area. They show the location of the house where Nick meets the strange Seth. They are hunted down by creepy creatures with axes but they flee. They decide to leave the place but the road leads them back to the mysterious house. What is the secret of the dark house and the creepy creatures?

Cast: Zack Ward, Patricia Belcher, Nick Epper, Tobin Bell, Tim J. Smith, Casey Hendershot, Lesley-Anne Down, Danny Epper, Brandon Smith, Brandon…
Genres: Horror, Thriller