FOX's The Following Season 2 Episode 1 - Screener Review

FOXs The Following Season 2 Episode 1 - Screener Review

Thanks to FOX for giving us the first look at The Following Season 2 Episode 1 for screening purposes. We received a fully branded “The Following Season 2 Joe Carroll Lives” box which contained a Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) mask, a DVD of The Following S02E01 and an inner box cover photo of Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) with a background of Joe Carroll face masks. I could not wait to see season 2 after the cliffhanger that the last episode in season one left us with. I was so eager for season 2 and it did not fail.

Season 2 episode 1 recaps a little of where it left off from season one and picks up from there. It answered all questions the cliffhanger left us with in season one, including what happened with Ryan Hardy being stabbed by his trusty neighbor. I actually laughed out loud because it was amusing that he finally got an alarm system after tragedy struck.

Ryan Hardy is now living in New York and is trying to put his life back together as a criminology professor who teaches a class in a university. He also joins an AA group to finally rid him of the habit. His sponsor is Keith Ian Carradine who has also starred in hit serial killer TV series HBO’s Dexter. Sam Underwood is another character from Dexter that is also in The Following season 2 episode 1. Seeing these two actors coming from a serial killer TV series makes me anxious to see what episode 2 builds up too.

The serial killers are so twisted in this episode and there is no order/control/command. The 2 male killers in the apartment are extremely creepy in every imaginable way possible. Their expressionless face, body structure, carefree attitude, psychotic behaviour and so many other things just creeps me out about these killers. These two killers have way too much fun with their dead victim playing out demented scenarios in their minds…

Agent Gina Mendez (Valerie Cruz) reminds me of Agent Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) from The Following season one. I find so many similarities between the two female agents and I cannot wait to see if Agent Gina Mendez will work with Ryan Hardy like Debra did. Another switcheroo I found is that the Edgar Allen Poe masks are gone in season 2 and we now see Joe Carroll’s "Resurrection" masks confirming his devoted cult following.

Season 2 premier has a lot of action and chase scenes. It is a very fast action paced episode unlike the first episode of season 1 which was more suspense/thriller focused. This leads me to believe that season 2 should be filled with lots of action packed scenes and less focus on suspense. I am so stoked for this season!