UK Fisherman Caught Rare Translucent Fish

UK Fisherman Caught Rare Translucent Fish

An experienced fisherman from the UK caught a rare sea creature swimming on the surface of the waters north of New Zealand. The fisherman, Stewart Fraser scooped the translucent fish up with a net to get a closer look at its features. Stewart said the fish felt scaly, firm, jelly like and that you could not really see anything in the fish except for an orange blob. Stewart took pictures and shared it with his fishing friends but no one could identify the rare creature.

The fish is described as a shrimp like, see through creature by the U.K. MailOnline. National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth in the U.K. identified it as a Salpa Maggiore which is also known as Salpa Maxima. Director Paul Cox of the aquarium told MailOnline that a salpa moves in the water by pumping water through its gelatin body which have openings at each end of its body. They use their transparent body to camouflage from enemies. They are barrel shaped, grows to approximately 10 inches, travels in a group and they are capable of producing their own offsprings to create a chain but have their own individual identities. They also use electrical current to harmonize their movements and to correspond with each other. Experts believe that the salpa is found in the cold sea and Southern Ocean. Salpa has filters in their body which collects water and goes through the food which is mostly algae and phytoplankton.

From the picture I saw below, it seems like you can see the salpa’s skeletal system.


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