FOX's The Following Episode 2.02 - For Joe

FOXs The Following Episode 2.02 - For Joe

FOX‘s The Following Episode 2.02 - For Joe continues the explosive episode 2.01 story as Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) spirals into the new followings murders. If you missed it, check Hulu to get caught up. In this episode, we also get caught up on what Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has been up to. I can’t wait to see what develops in the new episode of serial killers gone wild.

"The Following" Episode 2.02 - "For Joe" (1/27/14; 9-10PM)

RYAN IS HAUNTED BY NEW THREATS - After the tragic subway killings, Ryan’s obsession with the case becomes stronger than ever. Soon, mysterious phone calls bring him face-to-face with what may be his biggest threat yet.

Meanwhile, revelations surrounding Joe’s new life are brought to the surface.

Cast: Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy; James Purefoy as Joe Carroll; Shawn Ashmore as Agent Mike Weston; Valorie Curry as Emma Hill; Connie Nielsen as Lily Gray; Sam Underwood as Luke; Jessica Stroup as Max Hardy; Tiffany Boone as Mandy Lang.

Guest Cast: Valerie Cruz as Agent Gina Mendez; C.J. Wilson as Reverend Glenn; JD Williams as Carlos; Keith Carradine as Barry; Camille De Pazzis as Giselle; James McDaniel as Agent Phillips; Carrie Preston as Judy; James McCaffrey as David.