Dog Soldiers - Blu-ray / DVD Release Details and Cover Art


Dog Soldiers - Blu-ray / DVD Release Details and Cover Art

Dog Soldiers (2002) is getting some werewolf love from Scream Factory as they have recently announced that the will be releasing the Dog Soldiers Blu-ray / DVD combo pack this upcoming June 24, 2014. I for one really enjoyed this horror movie and thought it was the best werewolf movie released in years. Extras will be released mid-April and if you order directly from Scream Factory, you will get a limited edition poster of the art. Full details available below.

Synopsis: On manoeuvres with their squad in the Scottish Highlands, soldiers Cooper (Kevin McKidd) and Wells (Sean Pertwee) come across the ravaged remains of another military unit. The only survivor, Ryan, is badly injured and unable to explain clearly what happened; nevertheless the men get a pretty good idea when night falls and they themselves are attacked by unidentifiable wild beasts. Finding refuge with a family in a nearby house, the owner tells them about werewolves who hunt in the area, and the soldiers begin to dig in, preparing for a big fight. Meanwhile, Ryan begins to undergo some unexpected changes…

Hot off the heels of our art reveal of Sleepaway Camp last week, we have another one for you to start the week off right! Check out the newly-designed key art for our upcoming Collector’s Edition of the epic werewolf film DOG SOLDIERS (DVD & Blu-ray combo out 6/24). This incredible vision comes to us from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who also did Sleepaway Camp, amongst others greats).

Production on extras have just begun and we’ll have full details to report to you as to what they are in mid-April. Pre-order links on our site at should appear in March in which a limited edition 18? x 24? poster of the art will be available exclusively through us with purchase of the combo.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Synopsis: A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.
Cast: Sean Pertwee, Liam Cunningham, Kevin McKidd, Chris Robson, Leslie Simpson, Craig Conway, Emma Cleasby, Thomas Lockyer, Darren Morfitt, Tina Landini, Villrikke's Acer, Bryn Walters, Ben Wright, Brian Claxton Payne
Directors: Neil Marshall
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Comedy
Year: 2002
Runtime: 105
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 6
Nominations: 6
Writers: Neil Marshall
Producers: David E. Allen, Vic Bateman, Keith Bell, Christopher Figg, Harmon Kaslow, Brian Patrick O'Toole, Tom Reeve, Romain Schroeder, Caroline Waldron
Musicians: Mark Thomas
Editors: Neil Marshall

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