Unidentified Mysterious Gigantic Jellyfish Found on Australian Beach

Unidentified Mysterious Gigantic Jellyfish Found on Australian Beach

A Tasmanian family has found a rare unidentified mysterious gigantic jellyfish to add in our cryptozoology on an Australian Beach. A species of the jellyfish family washed ashore about a month ago. It is not scientifically identified/classified as yet. Scientists are aware of the rare sea jelly but never got their hands on it.

Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) said that this is one of three new species in the lion’s mane group that has been found in Tasmania. It has the same genus as Cyanea Capillata which is found in the Arctic region and North Atlantic. It is amazing to know that they can grow to eight feet in diameter and the tentacles can grow up to 100 feet. The lions mane sting can be very painful to humans but not to the extent where you need medical help.

Josie Lim and her family went on the beach to collect sea shells and found the approximately five feet in diameter gooey jellyfish that slimed the beach. Twelve year old, Xavier Lim said that he touched the huge jellyfish and it felt "pretty cool".

Why are so many species washing up on the shores? What is going on with our oceans?

Update: Web page url was later removed at http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/giant-mysterious-jellyfish-found-on-australian-beach-were-curious-to-know-more-about-it/