Most Haunted Places in the World - Landmarks

Most Haunted Places in the World - Landmarks

The haunted landmarks listed here are some of the most haunted places in the world. The list is huge but we tried to include strictly landmarks in this list. This haunted places list is often featured on paranormal investigation TV shows like Syfy’s Destination Truth. Up to this very day, these haunted places still claim the lives of new victims and haunt untold others.

Scariest Landmarks

1. Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls

Haunted Places - Screaming Tunnel - Niagara Falls

The Screaming Tunnel is located off Wagner Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and runs under the Canadian National Railway which connects Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York City.

There is many versions of this story:
1) A young girl ran out of her farmhouse with her clothes immerse in flames over a century ago. She ran in the tunnel in an attempt to extinguish the flames but she came to a tragic end where she collapsed and died in the tunnel.
2) The girl’s father set her on fire in the tunnel after his wife won custody of their kids in a divorce battle.
3) Someone raped, killed and then burned her body to cover up evidence. If you light a match in the middle of the tunnel, it will recess and you will hear the girl’s dying screams.

Some Facts:

Director David Cronenberg filmed The Dead Zone (1983) in the Screaming Tunnel.
Dominic Mendez directed Limestone Burning - The Legend of the Screaming Tunnel (2012).

2. Changi Beach, Singapore

Haunted Places - Changi Beach - Singapore

Changi Beach is located at the northern tip of Singapore and is known for its beauty and hauntings. Changi Beach once served as an execution ground for tens of thousands for Japanese people during the Sook Ching massacre and The Second World War. Japanese people who were suspected of being anti-Japanese were taken to Changi Beach where they were tortured and beheaded. Beach goers said that they sometimes see Chinese heads of dead bodies flying through the air and headless bodies walking through the beach and by the water. People also have seen ghosts leaving blood stains in the sand and hear strange crying, screaming sounds. Dug holes that seem to be dug to bury bodies would appear during the nights. This beach is a popular beach today for family outings, swimming and picnics.

3. Devil’s Bridge, Antigua

Haunted Places - Devil

Devil’s Bridge is composed of limestone rocks, hundreds of years of reef formation and has a natural arch that was created by waves crashing into the limestone rocks. It is located on the Southeast side of Antigua.

Devil’s Bridge is known as the bridge where many slaves leapt to their death to escape slavery. The area surrounding the bridge is very slippery and has an eerie feel to it. It is said that anyone who falls into the water does not survive. The waves smash against the rock formation loud and violently causing huge splashes. It is also said that many slaves were killed by being thrown off the bridge, and that is how the bridge got its name. People claim that the devil has to be there to take so many lives. I have visited this bridge and will not be visiting it again. Visitors visiting Devil’s Bridge will do so at their own risk and swimming is not allowed.

4. Aokigahara, Japan

Haunted Places - Aokigahara - Japan

Aokigahara, Japan is located on the northwest base of Mount Fuji. It is known as The Demon Forest, Sea of Trees, Suicide Forest and as the world’s second famous place for suicides. It is one of the most popular places in Japan to commit suicide, and it is estimated over a 100 suicides happen every year in this demonic forest. The unsettled souls/spirits haunt those who travel/walk through the forest. What makes this place even scarier are all the dolls that are pinned onto the trees. People would make straw dolls (voodoo dolls) representing those they dislike. They would put a curse on the doll and then nail it to the tree. There are many English and Japanese signs around the jungle encouraging people to rethink their decision and not commit suicide. Japanese spiritualist said that many people who enter alone in the forest will never return because the demons who live in the forest keeps people from finding their way out of the forest and eventually committing suicide. Many people report that the angry spirits haunt them. Destination Truth did a special on this.

5. Haunted Hill, Antioch, California

Haunted Places - Haunted Hill - California

Haunted Hill, California has many variations to how this haunting came about. One of the stories is that a bus with kids lost control and skid into nearby water where all the kids drowned. So the haunting is basically that the school age kids try to prevent this from happening to anyone else. It is said that if you put baby powder on your trunk and put your car in neutral, you will see handprints on your trunk and your car will move up the hill instead of going down the hill. Some say that the children who died try to keep everyone else from having the same fate as them so they push your vehicle up the hill. One couple weighed over 600lbs together and their car rolled uphill going 10mph. I think that was pretty amazing. I would love to experience this one day.

6. Hayward Plunge, California

Haunted Places - Hayward Plunge - California

In Hayward Plunge, California a swimming instructor who taught kids to swim in an indoor pool led them to their death one day. The instructor took the children to a creek that is in the back of a park and left them there. He told the kids to wait for him, that he will be back and the kids listened to their instructors’ directions. The children stayed there all night until the instructor returned. The instructor murdered all the kids and left their bodies in the creek. People have encountered many strange things happening in that area, including rock slides in strange spots, you will get chills and see shadows lurking around. People also heard childrens footsteps, crying, laughing, running and pleading for help when they listen quietly.

7. Llorona - The Weeping Woman

Llorona, known as the weeping woman is forced to stay on earth for all eternity. There is many versions of the story but all leading to Llorona kidnapping kids all while crying. She killed her kids by drowning them so she can be with the man she loves. Afterwards, he refuses to be with her, so she drowned herself in a lake in Mexico City. Heaven will not accept her until she finds her drowned children. She is then forced to wander between the living world and the spirit world looking for her kids. She also kidnaps lost children who look like her children and children who disobey their parents. People often hear Llorona crying "Where is my children" near the river and see her walking along the river bank wearing a white gown. It is said that Llorona only kills children.

8. The Great Wall of China, China

Haunted Places - Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is believed to be the most haunted place in the world. Two to three million people died from accident or other causes while creating the Great Wall of China. Many tourists would complain of sudden headaches, body aches, nausea and other illness that were not there before visiting the Great Wall of China. Besides being ill at the site, many people have said that they have seen ghost figures, been grabbed, pushed, slapped and haunted by ghosts from the Great Wall of China. It is said that some of the spirits are very hostile and might be responsible for some of the deaths of hikers and tourists. Some believe that if you visit The Great Wall of China, spirits will follow you and haunt you until you walk over a line of firecrackers to scare the spirits away.

9. Hoia-Baciu Woods, Transylvania, Romania

Haunted Places - Hoia-Baciu Woods, Transylvania, Romania

Hoia-Baciu Woods, Transylvania, Romania is proven to be haunted by numerous people and paranormal investigators. Many Romanian peasants were murdered in the woods. It is believed that their souls are trapped in the woods/forest and the spirits became very hostile because they were murdered. People have disappeared in the dark of the forest and were never found alive or dead. Many have witnessed strange lights, heard the winds speak and saw the spirits moving around. Tourists and travelers felt that they were being watched when they were by the edge of the forest. What is creepy is that people have also seen green eyes and black fog in the forest and there is recorded data from the forest. It is believed that the ghosts have a home in the middle of the forest which is a circle of trees. Photos that were taken at Hoia-Baciu Woods shows outlines of human shapes and hovering shapes.

10. Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

Haunted Places - Tuen Mun Road - Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong is known for taking people’s lives and being the most haunted road in the world. It is said that the majority of the car accidents that happen on this road has to do with paranormal activity. The number of accidents keeps on increasing each year. The road is a very dangerous road to drive because it curves around the steep terrain of the coastline. People have reported to officers that a ghost would suddenly appear in the middle of the road and the driver would of course swerve to not hit the person in front of the vehicle and that itself will cause a multi-car accident. That very accident will takes many lives at once. It is believed that there is more ghosts now than before because the number keeps on increasing with each accident. Drivers also report losing control of their vehicle and felt as though someone else was driving the vehicle and they had no control over it at all. The road has its own fault as well for being narrow and having blind spots.