Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows - New Poster

Nacho Vigalondos Open Windows - New Poster

Nacho Vigalondo‘s Open Windows (2013) stars Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey. I like the new horror movie poster but I cannot help laughing a little because the mask looks like a luchador (wrestler) mask. Open Windows makes its world premiere at South by Southwest Film Festival 2014 this upcoming March 10, 2014. I really love how Elijah Wood has embraced the horror genre.

Synopsis: Elijah Wood stars as a fanboy of actress Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), and as the winner of an online contest he gets the rare chance to have dinner with her. However, when dinner plans are cancelled someone named Chord says he can make up for it. Chord gives Nick (Elijah Wood) the tools to spy on Jill from his computer, in a way that no fan could ever dream of. After each demand Chord gives Nick, it becomes apparent that Chord set the whole thing up and Nick is a part of a much bigger, more sinister plan.

Open Windows (2014)

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

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Official Synopsis: An actress named Jill refuses to have dinner with Nick, a fan who won a date with her in an Internet contest. In return, a guy named Chord, posing as Jill's campaign manager, helps Nick to follow in the footsteps of the actress from his own computer. Nick starts a game in which he realizes that he is only a puppet into the maniacal plans devised by Chord, to hunt down the star.

Cast: Elijah Wood, Neil Maskell, Iván González, Ivan Gonzalez, Rachel Arieff, Michelle Jenner, Sasha Grey, Scott Weinberg, Brian Elder, Adam J.…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Crime