Drew Barrymore Produced Happy Camp Official Poster


Drew Barrymore Produced Happy Camp Official Poster

Drew Barrymore (Flower Films) produced Happy Camp (2014) now has an official movie poster attached. The poster looks pretty generic with the movie title in blood. The photos of assumed missing people does not increase interests for me right now either. Not screaming “must-see” but who knows, maybe a good horror movie after all. Director Josh Anthony directs Anne Taylor and Michael Barbuto. Happy Camp hits VOD this upcoming March 25, 2014.

Synopsis: In the vast wilderness of the Klamath National Forest lies the small logging community of Happy Camp. With a population consisting of only a few hundred souls, this mysterious mountain town has become world renowned for its staggeringly high number of Missing Persons Cases.

Walt and Sandy Tanner adopted a young boy named Michael at the age of 9 and brought him home to Happy Camp where the couple were raising their young son, Dean. Upon Michael’s arrival, the two boys shared an immediate bond and for the first time in Michael’s life, he had a family. After living in Happy Camp for only two years however, tragedy struck on the afternoon of October 22, 1989 when Dean Tanner was abducted from the family’s home. Michael, although in the same room, and seemed to be the only witness, oddly had no recollection of the violent crime.

20 years later, a grown Michael Tanner has mustered the courage to face his past in an effort to remember what actually happened to his brother on that fateful day. Under the provocation of his girlfriend, Anne, Michael has reluctantly agreed to have his journey documented by a professional film crew. However, what Michael, Anne and the crew uncover are dangerous secrets about Happy Camp that will change their lives forever…

Happy Camp (2014)

Synopsis: A man returns to the childhood town where his brother was abducted 20 years earlier.
Cast: Kyle Quinn, Anne Taylor, Ben Blenkle, Michael Barbuto, Josh Anthony, Jessica Garvin, Teddy Gilmore, Shondale Seymour, Ernie Allen, Daryl Lundeen, Dina Marie, Frank Rouse
Directors: Josh Anthony
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2014
Runtime: 75
Writers: Josh Anthony, Michael Barbuto, Anne Taylor
Producers: Josh Anthony, Michael Barbuto, Drew Barrymore, Teddy Gilmore, Nancy Juvonen, Chris Miller, Kevin Puotinen, Matthew H. Sanders, Kelly Dean Smith, Anne Taylor, Ember Truesdell
Musicians: Giona Ostinelli
Editors: Sam Bauer, Omar Lagda

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