Stake Land TV Series Coming Soon

Stake Land TV Series Coming Soon

Stake Land is definitely one of the recent best vampire movies so with the news of vampire TV series From Dusk Till Dawn about to air, there is definitely room for Stake Land. The TV series will take place seven years after the movie. The vampires in Stake Land are mutations that span even into the animal species with tons or mutations for each species. That definitely will keep the vampire TV series fresh and interesting. Jim Mickle and Nick Damici who wrote/acted in the vampire movie are already on board with the Stake Land TV series.

Damici tells The Wrap:

They all mutated, there’s tons of different vamps. I said to Greg, the only thing I’ll need--I’ll write my a** off--the only thing is I’ve got to have enough of a budget to have flying vamps. It spread to animals, so we’ve got vamp dogs and a vamp bear.


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