Top Haunted Dolls in the World

Top Haunted Dolls in the World

Real Haunted Dolls are a very popular subject because there are so many victim reports that have bad experiences with haunted dolls from all over the world. Several stores sell haunted dolls, and some people have a vast collection of haunted dolls. Such dolls include Robert the Doll, Amanda, Pupa the Haunted Doll, Mandy the Doll and the famous Annabelle Doll currently showcased in the Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum.

  • Robert the Doll - AKA - Robert, Robert the Haunted Doll, Robert the Enchanted Doll

    Robert The Haunted Doll

    Robert Eugene Otto is a painter and author that had owned Robert (Robert the Doll) in Key West, Florida. A skilled voodoo and black magic Bahamian servant in 1906 gave the doll to Eugene because she was not happy with his family. It became terrifyingly scary when Eugene parents would hear him talking to Robert the Doll and hear Robert talking back to Eugene. Creepy things started happening in their house which the Otta family experienced and also the neighbors. Some neighbors said that they would see Robert moving from window to window while the family was not home. People claim that Robert blinked, and his facial expression changed before their eyes. Eugene’s family heard and saw the dolls’ devilish giggling while running from room to room. His parents entered his room one night after hearing him screaming and saw furniture knocked over in Eugene’s room. Eugene sitting in his bed scared told his parent that Robert the Doll did it.

    Eugene later died in 1974 and the doll left in the attic for the next family who purchased the house to find. The new family had a daughter who was ten years old, and she became Robert’s new owner. The family immediately began experiencing terrible things in their home. Their daughter would scream in the night and tell her parents that Robert is moving around the room and tried to kill her.

    Robert has a scary reputation because he seems to be possessed by a malevolent spirit. The Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens in Key West, Fl now exhibits Robert the Doll in their ghost tours. Many people believe that Robert’s hair is real human hair, but that is not true. It is made of synthetic material that resembles wool yarn. The doll is also said to resemble an American Naval officer in the early twentieth century.

    Robert is transferred to the Custom House Museum Lighthouse and Old Post Office (now known as Key West Museum of Art & History) due to the increased paranormal activity in October of each year.

    Robert the Doll left Key West, FL for the first time in 2008 to attend Taps CON (a paranormal convention) in Clearwater, Florida. He was 104 - 107 years old at the time. Sandy Duveau took a picture of Robert using her special Aura camera. The image of Robert displays that he has deep feelings, communication, deep spiritual understanding, and magic.

    It is said that you have to get Roberts approval before taking a picture with him, or he will curse you, and bad things will follow. Robert will slightly tilt his head to grant you approval. A cameraman from the Travel Channel had to beg for forgiveness from Robert because his HD camera stopped working after taking a picture of Robert without permission.

    Chucky the doll in the Child’s Play film franchise used Robert the Doll as an inspiration.

    Chucky Doll

  • Annabelle Doll

    Real Haunted Annabelle Doll

    The Annabelle Doll is a famous doll that has been featured in one of the top ten horror movies of 2013, "The Conjuring". Director James Wan changed Annabelle’s appearance for "The Conjuring". Annabelle resembled a Raggedy Ann doll in real life but was given very disturbing features in "The Conjuring" film. Many believe that Annabelle the doll is real and is very dangerous. Annabelle is locked away in a glass case in Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum.

    Annabelle was a used doll bought from a hobby/thrift store for Donna by her mother in 1970. Donna was attending college in 1970 and had a roommate whose name is Angie. Angie and Donna did not think anything of it when they would see the dolls position changed for the first few weeks. Soon after they were terrified because the doll would change location entirely from the room they left Annabelle into another room. The roommates did not believe in spiritual evilness but their friend Lou did and did not like Annabelle at all. Lou was right about the doll, and the girls began to see more dreadful things that Annabelle was doing. Annabelle began leaving messages for the girls to find on parchment paper. The girls did not have parchment paper anywhere in the house and had no clue where it came from or how Annabelle got it. Two of the messages Annabelle left were "Help us" and "Help Lou."

    Donna had reached her limit with Annabelle after coming home one night to find Annabelle in her bed with blood on her hand, and the blood appeared to be coming from Annabelle’s body. Donna put all her misbeliefs aside and called a spiritual advisor with experience to help evaluate the doll. The spiritual person sat with the doll and told the roommates that there was a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins who was found dead in the fields. The apartment complex that they resided in was built on that field, and Annabelle Higgins spirit is attached to the doll. The spiritual person said that the spirit felt safe with Donna and Angie. Annabelle trusts them and wants to stay with them so therefore she latched on to the doll.

    Angie and Donna are nurse students that are very compassionate towards other people, and they feel sorry for Annabelle Higgins’s soul. Angie and Donna decided to keep Annabelle. Life with Annabelle turned bad after this. Lou began to worry about his friends after he woke up on several occasion with terrifying dreams about Annabelle. He would sometimes dream that Annabelle would climb his leg, while he cannot move a muscle in his body and she would gradually go up his body and then strangle/choke him until he woke up. He would wake up with pounding headaches. Angie and Lou decided to seek help because the problems escalated. While planning a road trip, Lou and Angie heard a noise in her room and immediately thought it was a burglary. Lou entered the room and saw the doll sitting on the floor in a corner instead of on the bed. The room did not change in appearance. Lou then began to feel a burning sensation on his back, and when he turned around, there was no one there. Then he began to feel pain in his chest and more burning sensations. He looked at this chest and saw a series of claw marks that were deep and he knew that Annabelle did it since no one else was there, and no one touched him. Lou and Angie were stunned to see the marks disappeared after two days, and Lou’s skin looked as though nothing had happened.

    Angie and Lou sought help from an Episcopalian priest who then called on Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. Ed and Lorraine concluded that it was an evil demon that is attached to the doll and not an ordinary ghost. The demon did not possess the doll because demons can only possess people and they cannot possess things/objects. The demon is waiting to take Donna’s soul and is just pretending to be a ghost that haunts. The Warren’s called in a priest who performed an exorcism to rid the apartment of evil. Ed and Lorraine then put the doll in a bag and took it with them on their car ride home. They decided to stay away from the highways because they knew the demon can still interfere with them and cause a tragic accident at 65mph. They took the side road and incurred numerous incidents, such as engine shutting off a lot, car brake problems and the power steering kept on failing.

    Ed and Lorraine Warren got home safely from their disastrous drive. Ed put Annabelle on his desk, and it began to levitate. Annabelle soon after began to appear in different rooms in the house. Ed and Lorraine Warren called in a Catholic priest to exorcise the doll, but the priest took it as a joke. The priest told the doll "You’re just a doll. You can’t hurt anyone!" The priest survived a car accident that most people would not survive. The priest car brakes failed him, and he totaled his car. Ed and Lorraine then build a glass case for Annabelle. She doesn’t move around or harm anyone anymore, but the Warren’s believe that the demon still lingers and is awaiting the day it is free again.

    Annabelle Doll at the Warren’s Occult Museum Video


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  • Amanda - Haunted Doll

    Amanda The Haunted Doll

    Heinrich Handwerck designed Amanda the doll in 1884. A toy company, Simon, and Halbig of Grafenhain, Thuringia, Germany started to make many more dolls that looked like Amanda in 1985. Amanda was sold on Ebay in 2003, and the new owner put Amanda back for sale on Ebay in the same year after strange things started to occur after receiving Amanda. Amanda cannot find a stable home, and she has been up for auction more than 20 times.

    One person out of the many decides to say why Amanda is evil or a bad doll that no one wants to keep for a long time. Amanda seems to have mind control over people. A woman said that she could not stop thinking of Amanda and whenever she tried to forget Amanda, she would get terrible nightmares. She and Amanda were very close to the point where they would share secrets and thoughts. The woman found herself talking to Amanda on several occasions and said that Amanda knew whom to listen to and she is not as gentle as many thinks she is.

    The woman spoke of herself being dragged into Amanda’s’ dreams by Amanda. She woke up one night with freezing feet, and she was startled when she looked at them in the light. She saw that her feet had scratches all over them, and they were blue and immediately went to call the ambulance. She then took a second look at her feet, and they were back to normal. Her thoughts went to Amanda, and as she looked at Amanda, Amanda had a devilish grin on her face and then turned back to her original face.

    Paranormal investigator Reggie Jacobs examined Amanda and said that Amanda is a very happy doll when she wants to be. Amanda is said to be very active and happy until she gets bored. Amanda started to destroy household objects when she was bored so that she can have a new owner. Amanda is now located in a glass case, and people reported hearing scratching sounds from the case. Amanda is now located in Atlanta, Georgia and she is not happy to be captive.

  • Pupa the Haunted Doll

    Pupa Haunted Doll

    Pupa The Haunted Doll was given to its owner in the 1920’s and belonged only to her until she died in July 2005. The owner was about five or six years old at the time of receiving Pupa and lived in Trieste, Italy. The owner loved Pupa very much and would take Pupa wherever she went. Pupa traveled from Italy to the United States and then to Italy and Europe and then back to the United States where she stayed.

    The Pupa Doll is 14 inches tall and is made mostly of felt. It is believed that Pupa has real human hair on her head. Pupa’s owner received her with a blue suit that is made of felt and she still wears the same suit today.

    Her owner from the 1920’s through July 2005 declares that Pupa was her best friend and that she had a mind of her own. She would tell her grandkids about Pupa and her. Pupa would have conversations with her, and Pupa saved her life.

    Pupa has been reported as being very naughty since her original owner passed away in 2005. It is said that the glass case that Pupa resides in will get very steamy, and you will see a child’s handwriting on the glass saying "Pupa hate" and "Pupa No." The new family reported hearing things moving around in the glass case that holds Pupa and also seeing her moved in different positions from time to time. One family member said that they recorded Pupa while she stood and walked in the case. When they tried to upload the video on three separate occasions onto YouTube, the video would be blurred out white and the words "Pupa No!" would appear.

  • Mandy the Doll

    Mandy The Haunted Doll

    Mandy the doll was made between 1910 - 1920 in Germany. No one is sure how Mandy came about, but one story says that it all started in a basement. It is said that an innocent little girl got stuck in a basement with her doll and died. Her spirit went into the doll and got trapped when she died. Someone found the doll in the basement several years later and heard the sound of a crying child. Paranormal investigators inspected the doll and said that the doll is a house for a child who has a wonderful spirit.

    The owner of Mandy incurred a lot of horrifying strange activities. She would sometimes hear a baby crying in her basement and upon her investigating the basement, she would find the window open and no baby. The owner then decided to give the doll to a museum. Mandy was considered an antique doll when she was donated in 1991 to the Quesnel Museum.

    Mandy stopped crying upon her residence at the museum, but other mysterious things started to happen to the staff at the museum. The staff heard footsteps when no one was around. Staff put their lunch in the refrigerator and found their lunch missing. They would sometimes find their lunch in a drawer. There would be other things that go missing as well, and some of the items would be found where others would not. She would sometimes play with electrical items and make them malfunction. Mandy had a toy lamb with her in her case when the museum was closed, and the staff found the lamb out of the case and on the floor. No one could have done it because the museum was closed. The staff would carry Mandy around the museum whenever she did something wrong to calm her down. Staff members also take her to their office and sit Mandy on their laps while working so Mandy would not cause any more trouble or malfunction electrical equipment.

    When Mandy was first donated to the museum, she did not have a permanent place and therefore was put next to the front door entrance facing the visitors of the museum. Soon after, she was placed in her very own case in the museum. There are many rumors about Mandy. One rumor is that she cannot be in the same room as other dolls because she would harm them. The staff also mentioned that they feel Mandy did not like to be by herself either, and she would throw tantrums by throwing paper everywhere in the room. Some people say that they feel depressed and restless when they are around her. Others claim that Mandy can move her eyes, head, and fingers. People report hearing Mandy tapping on her glass case. Upon inspection, they would see her finger/hand touching the case.