Top Haunted Asylums in America

Top Haunted Asylums in America

Haunted Asylums are some of the top haunted places you can find. We have put together a great list of the best haunted asylums in America. Think about all the tragedies that the mental patients experienced and did to others. American Horror Story: Asylum only touched the subject but today, we share some real haunted asylums with you.

Best Haunted Asylums List

Rolling Hills Asylum

The Rolling Hills Asylum is located in East Bethany, New York. Originally named Genesee County Poor Farm when it opened way back in 1827. Back then, the occupants were anyone in need including poor people, mentally challenged, the handicapped, the blind and criminals including murderers.

In the 90’s people reported strange occurrences but in 2002 Lori and Jeff Carlson purchased the property. The asylum is reported to have disembodied voices, eerie footsteps, shadow figures, door being slammed and even held shut. Many reports also tell of misty apparitions of past occupants haunting the former asylum.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanitorium was built in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1910, the asylum was built and housed up to 40-50 tuberculosis patients at a time. Most patients who entered the hospital back in the earlier years of its creation, died due to the lack of advancement in TB treatment at the time. It is believed that close to 63,000 patients died tragically/painfully in the asylum. Many patients died from being mistreated and the experimental treatments.

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) investigators caught incredible footage of a young boy walking across the hall. Other apparitions have also been seen throughout the asylum. Many reports also tell of shadow figures, disembodied screams/voices, eerie whispers and footsteps.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is located in West Virginia and was built in 1858. The asylum was built to house up to 250 patients but soon overcrowding swelled this number to over 2,000 patients.

Patient mistreatment reports tell of massive amounts of patients being locked in cages, receiving electroshock treatment, being chained to walls and over 3,500 lobotomies were carried out. Many thousands of people died during the years the asylum was open and functioning.

Many apparitions have been documented with many shadow figures seen as well. During the tours of the asylum, thousands of tourists have heard the words "get out!" from disembodied voices with the occasional screams.

The Ridges (formerly Athens Lunatic Asylum)

The Ridges Asylum is located in Athens, Ohio and first opened its doors in 1874. The patients included the criminally and mentally insane. After the facility became overcrowded staff started to carry out increasingly vicious acts of punishment. Patients breaking rules were subject to electroshock therapy, cruel beatings, ice baths while repeat offenders received lobotomies.

Pennhurst Asylum (formerly Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic)

Pennhurst Asylum is located in Spring City, Pennsylvania and started operating in 1908. The asylum grounds spanned 120 acres with more than 10,000 patients treated at any given time. During these times patients were ill treated with reports stating patients were chained to the walls, children were left in cribs for years like cages and murders were regularly conducted. This haunted asylum was eventually closed in 1986 and has been left abandoned ever since. Many patient possessions and medical equipment were left behind.

Many paranormal investigations by ghost hunters have been conducted on the premises with words like "Get Out!", "I’ll kill you" and "help me!" recorded on EVP’s. Witnesses claim to have been touched physically by something supernatural, seen equipment pushed across rooms and witnessed objects thrown violently across rooms.