Haunted Sorrento Hotel

The Sorrento Hotel is thought to be one of the scariest haunted hotels in Washington and also at the same time, an Italian oasis. It is located at 900 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104. Sorrento hotel was built in 1909 in what is now the historic First Hill neighborhood. It is one of the oldest hotels.

Alice B. Toklas was famous in the 1950’s for her brownies made with marijuana and is now famous for wandering the fourth floor hallways and room 408 in the Sorrento Hotel. Visitors have reported seeing black mist on the fourth floor, elevators stopping on the fourth floor and no one were there, fourth floor being much colder than any other floors and seeing an apparition of Alice B. Toklas.

Travel publication, Coastal Living, wrote about Sorrento Hotel last year. They wrote, "Be on the lookout for a female apparition who reveals her presence on the fourth floor or by moving glasses on the bar" and "One locals claims she saw an odd-looking woman walking past the hotel one evening. The woman was wearing dark-colored vintage clothing and carrying a parasol. Not until later did she learn about Alice B. Toklas, who at the turn of the century lived on the block where the Sorrento stands and is now rumored to wander its halls at night."

The Sorrento Hotel responded, "Our ghost is very hip".

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