Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know

Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know

What are Shadow People and why do they continue to scare us? Shadow people appear darker-than-night with the occasional reports of the figures having blazing red eyes. Some people see these shadow people once in a lifetime while others continue to see these evil entities night after night. The Shadow People phenomena have gotten huge over the last few decades, but the term “Shadow People” seems to categorize many different types of entities. These mysteries continue to confirm the views of the victims and add additional fear to those who have never even experienced these alarming occurrences. Most encounters have a varying duration from what seems like seconds to hours, even from the same victim.

Types of Shadow People

  • Benign Shadows - These types of shadow people continue their path without ever affecting the witness.
  • Negative Shadows - These shadowy figures lurk around the victim causing feelings of utter terror.
  • Red-Eyed Shadows - These creatures have blazing red eyes and seem to feed off the terror that the victim feels.
  • Hooded Shadows - The hooded shadows dress like ancient monks and radiate a deep rage boiling deep behind the hood.
  • The Hat Man - The Hat Man has been reported by numerous cultures across the planet. This figure often appears as an old-time business person always wearing a fedora hat; the hat is always worn.

Shadow People are a broad description given to what is subcategorized as demonic entities/demons, ghost apparitions, inter-dimensional travelers of alternate universes/planes of reality but again falling under one main category, unknown.

Science Explanations for Shadow People

Many witnesses have reported seeing shadow beings in their bedroom doorways or around their bed just watching them. The witness then feels a tightness in their chest causing difficulty to breathe while the victim cannot move any part of their bodies besides their eyes. When the victim can move after some time (shadow duration varies) that feels like an eternity, the shadow being has disappeared. This type of encounter with the shadow being is called sleep paralysis.

This encounter is explained as follows. The victim enters a deep state of sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in which the muscles of the body become naturally paralyzed by natural hormones in the body - this is called paradoxical sleep. Sometimes the dreamer awakens from the sleep rapidly, but the hormones take up to 8 minutes to lose their effect on the muscles in the body. The victim cannot move, and their mind is playing tricks on them making them think that some shadowy figure is lurking. Lastly, when the effects of the sleep hormones wear off, the victim is fully awake, and that explains the disappearing shadow being and the return of muscular motor functions.

The mind playing tricks on the victim is similar to the effect of seeing faces in clouds and carpets. The brain interprets stimuli through chemicals and due to the complexity of the brain, these chemicals can cause shadow entities to imprint on the brain.

How do we explain shadow people encounters in full consciousness and full daylight?

Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Ghosts are sometimes brought up as a possible explanation but quickly ruled out because ghosts usually appear as misty apparitions or as human figures wearing clothes that are easily recognized. Shadow figures appear to be darker than the natural shadows in the area of the encounter. They do have human-like shapes, but nothing else can be distinguished. Red-Eyed Shadows are different from ghost encounters with their glowing red eyes and appearance that seems to suck out all of the light into their figure.

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