Scream Factory Dropping Pumpkinhead & Pumpkinhead II Blu-ray

Scream Factory Dropping Pumpkinhead & Pumpkinhead II Blu-ray

Pumpkinhead is a franchise that I would love to see rebooted but until then, Scream Factory will be releasing the Blu-ray of Pumpkinhead (1988) & Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1993) this September 2014. Although the Pumpkinhead franchise did get increasingly cheesy as the movies went on, the first and second movies were pretty good.

Scream Factory says:

Stan Winston’s 1988 monster film PUMPKINHEAD (one of our most highly-requested titles) will be coming to the ‘factory’ on Blu-ray for the first time this September! And…its 1993’s sequel PUMPKINHEAD II: BLOOD WINGS will be released on the same date too!

We announced these on the latest episode of "Choice Cuts" over at Shock Till You Drop. Check out the full episode where we also talk at length about our process, titles and more @

PUMPKINHEAD will be a "Collector’s Edition" (in fact, artwork is just about done) and PUMPKINHEAD II will be its own separate release. No further details to report at this time but we’ll keep you posted on developments during our "Summer of Fear".

Source: official Facebook page