The Haunting of Mayflower Park Hotel Seattle, Washington

The Haunting of Mayflower Park Hotel Seattle, Washington

The Mayflower Park Hotel opened to the public in 1927, is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington. Many guests and workers have reported on several occasions, encounters or paranormal activities involving an older aged man. On many occasions, the old man is seen and the hotel claims that the ghost is a friendly ghost who does not harm the guests.

Many people believe that the ghost of the old man is the very same man that once live on the 6th floor. Guests of the haunted hotel have reported feeling as if someone is in the room with them. Some guests have insisted on changing their room to another room. On the sixth floor, his apparition has been seen traveling from one empty room to another.

Past employees have reported that the spirit of an older age man occupied apartment 1120 on the sixth floor. Room 1120 in the 87-year-old hotel is on the 11th floor on the southwest corner of the hotel at Fourth Avenue and Olive Way. One employee complained that he was mopping the floor on the sixth floor when his bucket disappeared after he turned around. He went looking for his missing bucket and found it on a different floor.

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