AMC Producers Share Preacher TV Series Update

AMC Producers Share Preacher TV Series Update

AMC producers Evan Goldberg and James Weaver released some bits of news on how the Preacher TV series is progressing. The Preacher series is still in the fundamental development stages where they are fleshing out the characters. The producers know that they have to get the three characters absolutely perfect. Preacher is based on the Preacher Vertigo comics. Preacher follows Reverend Jesse Custer who is a Texas preacher who has lost his faith. Upon learning that God has left Heaven and abandoned his Godly responsibilities, he takes it upon himself to track down God and get answers. Helping Custer are his ex-girlfriend and a vampire. Custer must complete his mission while an immortal killing machine named the Saint of Killers is set on killing Custer at all costs.

Evan Goldberg and James Weaver Preacher update:

"All of us are just talking about the three main characters right now. We’re not talking about the visuals whatsoever. We all agree it’s a story about three characters, and we need to crack that for television, and we’ve been meeting with Sam [Catlin; who also worked on "Breaking Bad"] to try and get that done."

"But there have been no visual conversations yet, but I imagine it will lean heavily on the fact that it is a Southern American, Texas-based story for the large potion of it. And when you chat with Garth [Ennis; creator], it’s clear that cowboy movies were a massive influence, so I feel like we’ll probably derive some of our look from that. But we also want to be as original as possible. We definitely haven’t gotten into the visual part of the conversation yet."


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