Killer Super Crocodile Caught in Uganda

Killer Super Crocodile Caught in Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Authority put meat on a stick to bait the humongous crocodile and caught it. They succeeded after four days and caught the one ton man eating crocodile on March 31, 2014. The man-eating crocodile is 2,204 pounds and is believed to be approximately 80 years old.

The crocodile made it unsafe for fisherman to fish because it is believed to be responsible for one death and many attacks/mauling in Lake Victoria.

Villagers gathered to look at the crocodile from Kakira village, in the Jinja District of eastern Uganda. The monstrous crocodile was transferred by truck to Murchison Falls National Park in Lolim, Uganda. The villagers are at ease now and can safely return to Lake Victoria to catch fish.

Watch the video via Animal Planet


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