NBC's Dracula Season 2 Cancelled!

NBCs Dracula Season 2 Cancelled!

NBC has officially killed Dracula, there will be no season 2. I watched the Dracula TV series but I felt the episodes were a bit drawn out at times but I believe that was to build suspense. I am a big Jonathan Rhys Meyers and he played his part extremely well as usual but there were some altercations. Meyers was paid about $100k per episode for the 10 episode season but NBC held his salary until the entire season was shot. This was done because Meyers has had substance abuse throughout his career and NBC did not want Meyers to become a liability. Meyers is said to have had a “meltdown” while shooting that required hospitalization in London. Meyers is then said to have returned to rehab after all 10 episodes were filmed. I am sad that we could not see more Dracula and I wish Meyers all the best and a speedy recovery.

Source: deadline.com

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