Tiger House New Poster

Tiger House New Poster

Tom Daley‘s Tiger House (2014) is about an injured gymnast teenager who fights back against an armed gang who takes her boyfriend and his family hostage in their home. I like well-done female heroes in good movies and I am hoping this will be good. No trailer yet but I am already sold and just need to close the deal. Tiger House stars Kaya Scodelario, Dougray Scott, Ed Skrein, Daniel Boyd, Brandon Auret, Langley Kirkwood, Julie Summers, Andrew Brent and Nicholas Dallas.

Tiger House (2015)

Directed by Thomas Daley

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Official Synopsis: Kelly sneaks into her boyfriend's house but tonight, she's not the only unwelcome visitor. Now, she must draw on her reserves of strength and skills of dexterity to escape. As the situation spirals out of control, the suburban house becomes a terrifying arena for violence.

Cast: Brandon Auret, Dougray Scott, Kaya Scodelario, Langley Kirkwood, Ed Skrein, Julie Summers, Andrew Brent, Daniel Boyd, Nicholas Dallas, Nicholas Fortuin,…
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Action, Crime

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