Zombie Cruise is Official

Zombie Cruise is Official

This is for all you zombie maniacs out there who just can not get enough of zombies. The Zombie Cruise sets sail in November 2014 for the Caribbean. The cruise features celebrity guests (Jonathan Maberry, Mark Tufo, Megan Presta, Shallyn Bodnar, Kelly’s Smith, Triston Johnson, Greg Wymer and Lisa Johnson), zombie survival classes and a zombie prom.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (May 21, 2014) - The first ever Zombie Cruise to set sail November 2nd Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Zombies have been experienced through cons, crawls, and parties. Now, the world of Zombies can be experienced in a whole new way. The Zombie cruise will take you on a trip that will change the way you view the genre. The guests of the Zombie Cruise will have a rare opportunity to meet and get to know top Zombie authors, actors, and makeup artists. Intimate classes will be given to the VIP guests that are exclusive to this cruise.

The guests of Zombie Cruise will not only see the entertainment side of the genre but will also gain a practical understanding of what will be needed in case of a Zombie apocalypse. Zombie Squad will be giving a variety of survival classes. A world renowned workout instructor will be giving workouts which will give you the tools to fight off zombies any time. Finally, there will be a zombie prom with a costume contest exclusively for Zombie Cruise guests.

Between 200 and 300 zombie fans are expected to take part in this one of a kind experience. The cruise is leaving from Ft. Lauderdale and visiting the Western Caribbean ports of Labadee, Falmouth, and Cozumel. The cruise is a 7 night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, a multi award winning ship.

Zombie Squad will be hosting an interactive game show, a panel of special guests, a trivia night, and unique survival classes. Professional makeup artists from the Savini School will be giving makeup "how to" classes along with optional application for events. Award winning authors Jonathan Maberry and Mark Tufo will be giving classes and mingling time for all of the guests. Finally, we scheduled appearances by popular The Walking Dead zombies.

For more information, visit the website www.ZombieCruise.com and follow Zombie Cruise on Facebook and Twitter @zombiecruises.

The Zombie Cruise features:

Jonathan Maberry - Author
Mark Tufo - Author
Megan Presta - Makeup Artist
Shallyn Bodnar - Makeup Artist
Kelly’s Smith - Makeup Artist
Triston Johnson - The walking Dead Premier Zombie
Greg Wymer - DJ
Lisa Johnson - Fitness Trainer

Source: zombiecruise.com