Independence Day Sequel Rewrites Will Smith Out!


Independence Day Sequel Rewrites Will Smith Out!

That is right, Will Smith has opted out of the Independence Day Sequel so 20th Century Fox is getting a new draft written by Carter Blanchard. Blanchard has to quickly turn-over a knew script that is worthy of a high-profile movie because the Sci-Fi film, ID Forever Part I (2016), is scheduled to premiere this July 1, 2016. That seems tight so not sure if they will have to delay the film for the following year, let us see what develops and if they can increase our excitement for aliens taking over the world.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Synopsis: Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?
AKA(s): ID Forever Part 1
Year: 2016
Runtime: 120
MPAA Rating: PG
Nominations: 12
Writers: Nicolas Wright, James A. Woods, Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich, James Vanderbilt, Carter Blanchard
Producers: Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich, Ute Emmerich, Volker Engel, Larry J. Franco, Jeffrey Harlacker, K.C. Hodenfield, Harald Kloser, Carsten H.W. Lorenz, Marco Shepherd, Amy Greene
Musicians: Harald Kloser, Thomas Wanker
Editors: Adam Wolfe


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