Jessica Cameron's 'Save Yourself' Movie Poster

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Jessica Camerons Save Yourself Movie Poster

Jessica Cameron headlines new horror movie Save Yourself (2014) which is directed by Ryan M. Andrews (Sick). The poster teases some good scares and edge of your seat scenes but let us see what develops when the trailer comes out. Also starring in Save Yourself are Ry Barrett and Sydney Kondruss.

Synopsis: Five women on a road trip to LA cross paths with a deranged mad scientist.

Save Yourself (2015)

Directed by Ryan M. Andrews

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Official Synopsis: Crystal is the tough as nails director. Dawn is the by-the-numbers producer. Kim is the girl-next-door lead actress. Lizzy is the loner writer and Sasha is the promiscuous supporting actress. Together, the five women have made a fun and bloody horror film. En route to a film festival, one of the girls goes missing and soon all five ladies find themselves pitted against a mad scientist hellbent on using them for his mysterious experiments.

Cast: Tristan Risk, Ry Barrett, Ty Phoenix, Elma Begovic, Sydney Kondruss, Jessica Cameron, Tianna Nori, Christian Burgess, Ryan M. Andrews, Bobbie…
Genres: Horror, Thriller

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