June's Horror Block Review

Junes Horror Block Review

The company that brought you the successful Nerd Block now stretches into the horror genre with Horror Block. The package includes a random set of items based on gender, age and t-shirt size of the subscriber. For my review Horror Block I requested an adult male XL version. The contents of the box were filled with a pop-horror t-shirt, horror magazine and some nice collectables (full details below).

What is in a Horror Block Box?

Horror Block contents review

(0) - A stylish box filled with cool branding art for Horror Block.
(1) - A Freddy t-shirt (printed "One, Two Freddy’s Coming for You")
(2) - A Funko Horror Classics Vinyl Figures - I got the "Rare Glow" Jason figure
(3) - A Rue Morgue magazine (July 2014 issue - cover price US $9.95)
(4) - Sweet Gelaskins "Horror Icons" Stickers
(5) - A random Walking Dead Funko Pop figure - I got the Bicycle Girl
(6) - A gag soap bar that turns blood red when used.

Everything costs a monthly subscription of US $19.99 per month. Individually you WILL pay more and the package is good for the bundle package price. Real horror fans and even not-so big horror fans will like Horror Block. At least the service is good to try out at least once. I personally will sign up my two boys for their birthdays so they get a random horror mystery box.

Source: official Facebook page