Proxy Blu-ray / DVD Release Details and Cover Art

Proxy Blu-ray / DVD Release Details and Cover Art

Zack Parker‘s Proxy (2013) is one shockingly real horror in everyday life, it is going on all the time around us. If you have not already seen the horror thriller or enjoyed it enough to own it, the Blu-ray / DVD releases this August 12, 2014. Special features include audio commentary, behind the scenes featurettes and the original trailer. Make sure to read our movie review. Movie stars for Proxy include Alexia Rasmussen, Alexa Havins, Kristina Klebe and Joe Swanberg.

On her way home from the doctor’s office one morning, expectant mother Esther is brutally accosted by a mysterious, hooded attacker. Disturbed, she retreats into a solitary life, keeping a safe distance from the outside world. As time goes on, she decides to make efforts to re-assimilate herself into society. She seeks comfort in a local support group and it’s there that she meets Melanie, a sweet woman from the neighborhood. Forming a new bond, Esther is hopeful that she can move on and start a new life with new connections. This of course falls apart one day when she makes a startling discovery that will change everything.

Proxy Blu-ray / DVD Release Details and Cover Art


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