Heart-Ache 'Love Sick' Teaser Poster

Heart-Ache Love Sick Teaser Poster

Todd Freeman‘s Love Sick now has a teaser poster designed by Justin Erikson and Paige Reynolds of Phantom City Creative. This poster looks like it is trying to mask the incredible grossness that await the viewers. I am curious, are you feeling this poster and are you interested in Love Sick?

From the Press Release:

Polluted Pictures are proud to unleash the teaser poster for their upcoming film "Love Sick" designed by Justin Erikson and Paige Reynolds from Phantom City Creative.
Writer / Director Todd Freeman says, "Justin and Paige came up with so many amazing ideas for the initial teaser poster but this one just stood out as being somehow simple, beautiful, and disgusting all at the same time. It’s a very good representation of what the film is about in it’s heart. It’s simple, beautiful, and disgusting heart."

Actress Barbara Crampton also chimes in on the project saying, "LOVE SICK gives me an opportunity to be completely terrified by my own deepest needs and desires. To look inside at the demon within. We know intellectually how we hurt those we say we love, but now with LOVE SICK we get to see and experience it in the flesh… so to speak. Pathos and sly humor work well together in this culturally thoughtful and well crafted script."

Love Sick is about "Rebecca and Marcus who have been together 10 years. After separating and being with others they quickly realize how hard it is to disconnect from one another. The unplanned catalyst of becoming pregnant makes them seek out a specialist, Dr. Christian, who helps them come to terms with their infected love and forces them to purge the overwhelming sickness they’ve created to spite one another.

The pain, lies, and betrayal all continue to manifest physically within the both of them as well as infect the others whom they have become involved with intimately. Their love is toxic and has been spread to others and it must be stamped out completely to truly begin anew."

Todd Freeman and Lara Cuddy, from Polluted Pictures, are currently in Montreal pitching the project "Love Sick" at the Frontieres International Co-Production Market which is in conjunction with the Fantasia International Film Festival. They’ll be meeting with potential creative and financial partners to finalize their team for shooting, post production, and release of the film all throughout the world.

Actors attached to be in the film are Tristan Risk (American Mary), Francisco Barreiro (Here Comes the Devil), Andrew Sensenig (Upstream Color), Augie Duke (Bad Kids Go To Hell), Ruben Pla (Big a** Spider), Camden Toy (Buffy), with Barbara Crampton as Mother and Bill Moseley as Doctor Christian.