Bruce Campbell Stars in Evil Dead TV Series Confirmed!?

Bruce Campbell Stars in Evil Dead TV Series Confirmed!?

Bruce Campbell tweeted that it’s the plan for him to be in the Evil Dead TV series. This was in response to Grump Bill tweeting to Bruce Campbell that he would only star in the Evil Dead TV series if Bruce Campbell is the STAR. Read below to see the full twitter conversation as it happened. Bruce Campbell has this way of talking and for me, this is 100% confirmation that Bruce Campbell will be in the new Evil Dead TV series.

Grump Bill tweeted to Bruce Campbell

@DeaditeBill: Only if @GroovyBruce is the STAR of this new tv series will I accept.

Bruce Campbell responded:

That’s the plan.

Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)

Directed by Sam Raimi, Michael Hurst, Michael J. Bassett, Rick Jacobson, Mark Beesley, Tony Tilse, David Frazee

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Official Synopsis: Thirty years after the events of Evil Dead, Ash is a loner, living a dull existence, still not able to come to grips with the events that started at the cabin. In the event of a Deadite invasion, Ash must attach his chainsaw and pick up his trusty boomstick one more time, all while finally coming to terms with his past.

Cast: Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Stephen Ure, Bridget Hoffman, Ben Fransham, Joel Tobeck, Lucy Lawless, Ellen Sandweiss, Hannah Tasker-Poland, Mimi Rogers,…
Genres: Horror, Action, Fantasy, Comedy