New 'Resident Evil' TV Series, 'Arklay' Details!?

New Resident Evil TV Series, Arklay Details!?

Mance Media is working on a Arklay which is a Resident Evil TV series. This TV series will not follow the Resident Evil movies but will be an entirely new story in the same Resident Evil world. The TV series will not only feature zombies but the possibility of a lot of new creatures as well. This is the first reports of the idea of a Resident Evil TV series coming together and the pitch reel below. The pitch reel does show footage from other TV series that bring around the concept of what the final product should focus on or aim to accomplish. Would you be interested in an Arklay Season 1 coming to the small screen soon?

Inspired by the Resident Evil franchise, ARKLAY is a new scripted survival horror series that delves into the mysterious homicides of Raccoon City.

When Detective James Reinhardt is thrust into a series of bizarre homicides, he unravels the city is hiding a dark conspiracy. Learning a fatal virus is connected to it all, Reinhardt discovers it’s already coursing through him. With time no longer on his side, he must solve the conspiracy to save his own life.

(Updated: link removed from site) Source: Mance Media Arklay Pitch