Netflix Instant - New Netflix Horror Movies Added to VOD 8/17/2014

Netflix Instant - New Netflix Horror Movies Added to VOD 8/17/2014

Netflix has just updated their Netflix Instant service and added the following horror movies for instant streaming Dead Silence (2007), State of Emergency (2011), Proxy (2013) and The Tortured (2010). The real gem here is the James Wan‘s Dead Silence before he worked on horror franchise SAW. Find the Proxy review here. Besides Dead Silence, do you like the other horror movies added to Netflix?

Dead Silence movie poster

Dead Silence (2007)

Synopsis: A widower returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife’s murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.

State of Emergency movie poster

State of Emergency (2011)

Synopsis: Chaos consumes a small town when a chemical facility explodes releasing a deadly toxin. Moments after the leak, the town’s residents show signs of mutation, causing the military to quarantine the area leaving any survivors helpless and trapped inside. The story follows Jim, a young man isolated within the red zone, as he eludes flesh eating zombies in an attempt to win back his freedom.

Proxy movie poster

Proxy (2013)

Synopsis: The life of three parents who have all shared the loss of a child. Motives are not what they seem and sanity is in short supply in this thriller.


The Tortured movie poster

The Tortured (2010)

Synopsis: An upper-middle-class couple’s life is destroyed when their only child is kidnapped and killed. Obsessed with revenge, the couple seizes an opportunity to kidnap the killer.