NBC's New Exorcism Drama Horror TV Series Details

NBCs New Exorcism Drama Horror TV Series Details

NBC has confirmed that are working on a new horror series dealing with exorcisms and demons. NBC has brought us some good horror series in the recent years with Hannibal and Grimm but lets not forget about NBC’s Dracula series cancelled after only one season. The series seems like it may be a short horror series like Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, currently set to end after Hemlock Grove Season 3. Anyway, I will definitely watch a demon horror series from NBC.

Maggie centers on the Gills, a loving a middle-class family in Eugene, Ore., who find themselves in the midst of crisis when paranormal occurrences begin to affect the everyday fabric of their home. At the same time, a series of brutal murders is being investigated by two local detectives. The storylines converge as those involved slowly realize that the murders and hauntings may have a common link: Maggie Gill, 15-year-old daughter of the Gill family, who might be possessed by demonic attachments.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com