Sony Pictures' Zombieland 2 Confirmed - Director / Writer Announced

Sony Pictures Zombieland 2 Confirmed - Director / Writer Announced

Horror comedy Zombieland (2009) has finally received the Zombieland 2 (Zombieland Sequel) confirmation that many horror fans have been waiting for. Ruben Fleischer will return to direct the sequel with Dave Callaham as the new writer. Callaham wrote for recent films The Expendables (2010) and Godzilla (2014). Sony Pictures has shown that they are onboard to continue the Zombieland franchise but there has been no confirmation if any of the original cast (Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, Bill Murray) will return. The original Zombieland film was successful at the movie theaters with $100 million at the box office. Has the Zombieland cast moved on and what happened to the Zombieland TV Series since Amazon passed on the pilot back in May 2014? Curious what you think of all this, tell us in the comments below.