The Florida Skunk Ape and Skunk Ape Sightings

The Florida Skunk Ape and Skunk Ape Sightings

The Florida Skunk Ape is the Southernmost Bigfoot found in the U.S.A. and Skunk Ape sightings are reported throughout Florida. The Skunk Ape is also known as the Swamp Ape, Stink Ape, Florida Bigfoot, Myakka Ape and the Myakka Skunk Ape. Reports of Skunk Ape sightings are common in Florida but there have been reports in North Carolina and Arkansas. The Skunk Ape looks like a huge ape-like creature and has a stinking odor that gives it its’ name.

Florida Skunk Ape Hoax?

The United States National Park Service has dismissed the theory of a Skunk Ape roaming the Florida landscape. Joe Nickell (Tracking Florida’s Skunk Ape) is a skeptical investigator has made his views on the reports clear that this is a black bear in most cases while others are hoaxes or misidentification of local wildlife.

Myakka Photographs

In 2000, Sarasota County, Florida Sheriff’s Department received two photographs from an anonymous woman. A letter was included with the photos of the Skunk Ape where the woman states that she thought that the ape was an escaped orangutan. The ape creature came to her backyard on three different nights to eat apples left on her back porch. These photos are now known as the "Skunk Ape Photos."

Skunk Ape Photos Research

Loren Coleman (The Myakka ‘Skunk Ape’ Photographs) has researched the photos extensively and traced the photos to an "Eckerd photo lab at the intersection of Fruitville and Tuttle Roads." Chester Moore Jr. (X-Files: Alleged ‘skunk ape’ baffles experts), says that these photos were taken in Sarasota County near the Myakka River.

Florida Skunk Ape Sighting Locations

  • North West Florida Counties
    • Bay (BY)
    • Calhoun (CA)
    • Escambia (ES)
    • Franklin (FR)
    • Gadsden (GA)
    • Gulf (GU)
    • Holmes (HO)
    • Jackson (JA)
    • Jefferson (JE)
    • Leon (LN)
    • Liberty (LI)
    • Okaloosa (OK)
    • Santa Rosa (SR)
    • Wakulla (WK)
    • Walton (WT)
    • Washington (WA)
  • North East Florida Counties
    • Alachua (AL)
    • Baker (BA)
    • Bradford (BR)
    • Clay (CY)
    • Columbia (CL)
    • Dixie (DX)
    • Duval (DV)
    • Gilchrist (GC)
    • Hamilton (HA)
    • Lafayette (LA)
    • Levy (LY)
    • Madison (MA)
    • Nassau (NA)
    • Putnam (PT)
    • St. Johns (SJ)
    • Suwannee (SW)
    • Talor (TA)
    • Union (UN)
  • Central Florida Counties
    • Brevard (BV)
    • Citrus (CT)
    • Flagler (FL)
    • Lake (LK)
    • Marion (MR)
    • Orange (OR)
    • Osceola (OS)
    • Seminole (SE)
    • Sumter (SU)
    • Volusia (VO)
  • West Central Florida Counties
    • Hernando (HE)
    • Hillsborough (HB)
    • Pasco (PA)
    • Pinellas (PN)
  • South West Central Florida Counties
    • Charlotte (CH)
    • Collier (CO)
    • Desoto (DS)
    • Glades (GL)
    • Hardee (HR)
    • Hendry (HY)
    • Highlands (HI)
    • Lee (LE)
    • Manatee (MT)
    • Okeechobee (OE)
    • Polk (PK)
    • Sarasota (ST)
  • South East Florida Counties
    • Broward (BR)
    • Indian River (IR)
    • Martin (MN)
    • Palm Beach (PB)
    • St. Lucie (SL)
  • South Florida Florida Counties
    • Dade (DA)
    • Monroe (ME)